Digital signage screens and displays are getting bigger and bigger and the resolution is getting better by the day, you just need to look at a 98-inch LCD screen or an 4K display to confirm that. So what are the pros and cons of video walls and Larger-format  Displays? Our in-house project manager will explain.

“A tiled video wall will be less expensive and will have far greater flexibility in how the final image is displayed, including very creative set-ups, when compared to using a single unit. For instance, a site may want to cover a long curved wall that a single large-format display will just not fit. Deploying such a solution will take a little more effort and the finished product will always have the bezel line in the image.

A single large-format display is easier to deploy and can show content without a bezel, but they are very expensive and there may be locations that a single panel this large cannot even be installed. A 98-inch panel doesn't fit in the average lift and cannot go through small corridors and tight corners.

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